Wednesday, January 25, 2017

North Shields Wooden Dollies

North Shields Wooden Dollies.

The Wooden Dollies have been a feature of North Shields for well over 200 years.
The original Wooden Dolly was a female figurehead taken from a collier brig named Alexander and Margaret which had been attacked held for ransom on the high seas in 1781.
The figurehead found its way to the town and was placed next to the Custom House Quay, sailors developed a tradition of cutting a small sliver of wood to take with them for luck when on their perilous sea journeys.
Naturally this meant the Dollies had to be replaced from time to time, these pictures show three versions of the Wooden Dolly in North Shields today, the original sculpture having developed into a fishwife over time. For more pictures of the Fish Quay at North Shields, please click here.
Please click on each image for the full size photo.  

North Shields History Wooden DollyNorth Shields Northumberland Park

North Shields History Wooden Dolly

Wooden Dolly North Shields

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